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Getting started is simple. Clink on the link the says get started and fill out the medical history form.

All of the medications prescribed are based on a thorough diagnosis. So they will be safe for your individual treatment. If you are referring the quality of the medication, they are dispensed right here in the USA by local pharmacies who are govern by the FDA and the DEA. So quality control is never an issue.

We encourage patient to get labs as often as needed. However the labs are only required on an annual basis. In some cases we will have patients to get follow up labs if needed to help improve the results of the program.

All of the programs offered are self administered. Patients are given thorough instruction on how to use the medication and can conveniently administer at home without having to waste time traveling to a clinic once or twice a week.

Do you offer an alternatives to the injections.

Yes. We schedule the labs at a location near you.

No. Hormone therapy has proven to improve mood.

If you train and diet for muscle growth then you can develop muscle. But if it were that easy we would have a lot more models and body builders walking around.

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by a number of factors. Low Testosterone is only one.

Yes. If hormone therapy was male birth control, no man would consider a vasectomy. As an insurance to our patients we offer comprehensive therapy options that help to stimulate the hormones that produce sperm and testicular development.

I can’t think of any reason you would not want to but, if you were to ever start and then stop the programs you would be able to return to your current state of hormone deficiency.

All of the programs are built to suit the needs of the people we work with. So the cost do vary. We provide the best value in the industry by offering results focused programs rather than fixed rate options. Some programs are only $75 a month but if thats not going to provide you the type of results you are looking for then its no worth it. On the other hand, some programs offered by others are $1000 a month, but if you dont need all the fluff that is included then your paying too much. Our concept is to offer the most compressive and affordable solutions for your unique situation.

Absolutely yes. We want to see you get the best results possible. So adjustments can be made throughout the program to maximize the potential of the therapy.

NO. We offer several hormone therapy options, a wide variety of nutraceuticals, and sexual performance medications.

Yes, we offer services to both men and women.